KAPS is a joint venture between two leaders of the Automated packaging & Flexible Packaging industry; Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. and Kris Flexipacks Pvt ltd.

Kris Flexipacks Pvt ltd.
An Asian Leader in Packaging Solutions - Kris Flexipacks has dedicated twenty five years into manufacturing of high quality packaging products that aid our customer’s efficiency and profitability. With presence in seven countries, Kris is proficiently servicing customers across Europe, USA and South-East Asia with over 500,000 sq. ft. of factory space to manufacture and distribute packaging products. Kris provides custom designed packaging and full contract packaging service for the following market sectors:
1. Food and Beverages
2. Garment Packaging
3. Retail Packaging
4. Industrial Packaging
5. Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.
APS has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing flexible bag packaging systems for almost fifty  years, and is the original inventor of Autobag® bagging machines and pre-opened bags. Today, APS  is the only company manufacturing a full line of baggers and bag packaging equipment. Headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, AP S is a global packaging supplier, with sales, service, and distribution offices located throughout North America and Europe, and more than 30,000 packaging systems in operation worldwide. With five manufacturing plants, A PS produces more bags-on-a-roll and bagging systems than all of the competitors combined. APS has the industry's largest service organization, and are committed to delivering world class customer satisfaction.

Why KRIS as JV Partner in India ?

  • A compatible partner with experience of the local markets and a background in flexible packaging.
  • KRIS Flexipacks is family-owned and has similar values to APS
  • KRIS has a proven track record & dynamic leadership
  • KRIS has facilities throughout India
  • They are familiar with all aspects of extruding, printing and bag making
  • KRIS had successfully created a market in shrink-sleeves, and have ability to introduce new products
  • Financially strong
  • Their plants were ISO approved and meet international standards

With the JV, APS could meet the following goals:

  • Expand into growing markets
  • Growth rate of Flexible packaging industry in India: 35% per year
  • Existing customers who have operations in India
  • Many inquiries from Indian companies can now be satisfied
  • Large volume of hand packaging
  • Need for bar coding with retail sector growing
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